Sunday, August 14, 2011

Update: Honey Challenge & Sorta No 'Poo

So have you been wondering how I have been doing on the CrunchyBetty Honey Challenge and with the Sorta No ‘Poo? Yes? Well I will fill you in on it right now!  As you may know the Honey Challenge officially ended a couple of weeks ago, but, nevertheless, I have continued to use honey to wash my face everyday since the challenge began on July 18. I am very glad that I continued too, because the skin on my face has improved immensely. Oh, it is not perfect by any means, but it is much better. I have less dry spots and it seems smoother. What breakouts I do have seem to disappear quicker too. I am quite pleased!

The Sorta No ‘Poo is going well too. I really like the way my hair feels and looks. Amazingly my hair seems to be darker. This is an after effect I have heard of from the No ‘Poo method, but I had not expected it using Sorta No ‘Poo. I do feel like I need to wash my hair everyday with this method, but I may be wrong. I will start to experiment with this over the next couple of weeks. I also think that if you let the suds sit on your head for a bit more of the oils are removed. Anyway, I will report back when I have more evidence.

The only issue I have with both of these methods is that I have to run to the kitchen or the fridge before taking a shower. You know it is just not my first thought that I need to run to the kitchen before my shower. To combat this, I have now put some honey in a small jar and I keep it in the bathroom. I am not sure what company might think of this, but it makes my life easier and I don’t have that much company anyway.

That does not fix my issue with needing to keep my shampoo and conditioner in the fridge, however. Truthfully, I have been keeping them on the side of the the tub, but I really should refrigerate them. I thought that one of these little fridges would be a good solution:

However, Rodney thinks that it is a bit odd and that it would be strange in the bathroom. I have to admit I would never buy one new but if I found one at a garage sale I would pick one up. If someone is snoopy enough to look in it, what would it matter? Everything in it would be edible. They could have a snack!


  1. I'm glad you liked the results of your face and hair washing experiment!

  2. I'm glad to read that your two experiments have been so successful and that you're content with the results. Oh, and good luck for your tiny fridge search!

  3. I say it is your bathroom and you and your husband can put what you want in it. :) Seriously, I would be the same - I would get in the shower by habit and not even think to get what I need out of the kitchen. I am glad the challenge is giving you the results that you were hoping for!

  4. I am going to try washing my face in honey tonight. Hey!! Can't hurt can it.