Friday, May 31, 2013

National Bike Month: Day 31

3.2 Miles

And so ends National Bike Month. 306.51 miles is not too shabby! I had hoped to have several more miles banked towards my 1500 mile goal, but what can you do?

Today will be the last day I use the Strava app to map my ride. I think that my cell phone is not up-to-date enough to run it properly. I may look for a standalone GPS device. I think it would get a better lock on the GPS signal and save my cell battery to boot.

Well National Bike Month might be over, but I do have some ideas for nest month and beyond. Stay tuned for updates!

Miles Today: 3.2
Total Miles 2013: 467.6
Total Miles National Bike Month: 306.51
Total Miles for National Bike Challenge: 306.51
Days in a row: 61


  1. Yes, it's a good idea to buy a standalone GPS device! I have positive experiences with it, especially concerning the battery service life: A rechargeable battery has power for about 10 hours, and if I use a normal battery I can use the device even for about 16 hours. (Okay, these values are for a GPS device with only a small black-and-white display, though I guess a standalone GPS is always better than a smartphose.)

  2. Not too shabby at all, Ronda. Congratulations!