Wednesday, May 8, 2013

National Bike Month: Day 8

I love this little garden along the trail. So fun!

Well, no matter how you look at it, I am ahead of the game right now. To make 300 miles in the month of May I need to ride 9.68 miles per day (300/31). On the 8th day of May I would need to be at 77.42 miles and I am currently at 86.56 in the month of May. So, I am ahead by 9.14 miles. Now if you wanted to make it an even number and say I needed 10 miles a day I am still head by 6.56 miles. I know that there will be some bad weather days coming up and other days where I just cannot ride quite as long. So, it feels good to be ahead. Much better than having to make up miles! 

The first dandelion that I have seen this year. 

19.54 Miles. The green lines are biking/walking trails. 

Miles Today: 19.54
Total Miles 2013: 243.75
Total Miles National Bike Month: 86.56
Total Miles for National Bike Challenge: 86.56
Days in a row: 38

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  1. At first, I was wondering what IHL might mean in the garden along your trail, but then I noticed that it's much simpler: Hi! With a cute smiley... Apposite to your first dandelion. Wonderful!