Thursday, May 9, 2013

National Bike Month: Day 9

6.58 Miles

I went for a short and sweet ride this morning thinking that I would go for a second ride later in the day. I knew it was supposed to rain, so I thought I better get a ride in early. At 7 am it was about 63 degrees, and it was a fairly nice ride. A bit more traffic than I like to deal with, but a nice ride never the less. Now at 5 pm it is only around 48 degrees and I just do not have the umph to get out there in the cold and possible rain. Oh well, I needed a bit of a rest anyway. 

Miles Today: 6.58
Total Miles 2013: 250.33
Total Miles National Bike Month: 93.14
Total Miles for National Bike Challenge: 93.14
Days in a row: 39

1 comment:

  1. Wow, a bike ride at 7 am! I haven't ever been on the way by bike so early in the morning, but I guess it's a very nice feeling to see the day awaking from the perspective of a bike ride, isn't it?

    You rode more than 6 miles, and even if it is less than in the days before, it's still a great achievement - and you definitely deserved that little bit of a rest!