Sunday, June 16, 2013

Summer Biking: Week 3

Look a happy little turtle!
I have a new resolve to bike as much as I can without driving myself crazy. I am still hoping to see 1500 miles, but I am taking the pressure off myself. I will do what I can do as long as I am enjoying it. I might even start taking a day off here and there!

This week I took pictures of gas stations. I was surprised when I realized how many Holiday stations are nearby. There is at least one more I could have ridden to on a week with more time to ride. So below you see three different Holiday stations, two Marathons, a Super America, a BP and a Go For It Gas

Here is something else that I found interesting:

Remember this from April 26th?
And how on May 5th that area looked like this? 

Well now it looks like this.

Miles This Week:  37.87
Total Miles June:  98.41
Total Miles 2013: 566.01
Total Miles/Points for National Bike Challenge:  404.92/1342
Miles Needed for 1500 Mile Goal:  933.99
Days in a row of biking: 77

Days in a row of yoga: 77

1 comment:

  1. Oh, it's wonderful to see how nature is becoming greener and greener. Indeed, the differences to April/May are exciting!

    Oh, I love turtles! I do not want to leave Minnesota this summer without having seen at least one of them in the wild!

    Oh, I envy your gas stations... $3.54 is much less than our current $7.86 (according to

    Last but not least I agree with you: Take the pressure of yourself. Enjoy bicycling when you want it, but feel free to enjoy all the other amenities of life whenever you prefer them instead!