Sunday, December 26, 2010

Jule Kaga

Christmas is not Christmas without Jule Kaga. Every year my Grandma Alice would make Jule Kaga for Christmas morning. Well Grandma is gone now, so my mother and I take turns making it. It was my turn this year. Grandma used a basic recipe from one of her old cookbooks and modified it to be Jule Kaga. Below is basically the recipe that she used with my small changes in brackets.

Grandma Alice’s Jule Kaga

1 cup Milk (scalded)
1 cup Water
½ cup Sugar

Add to above lukewarm liquid:

1 package Quick Acting Yeast [I use 2 ½ tsp.]

Stir and add:
1 cup flour to make sponge

Let stand ½ hour or until raised light; add

½ t. salt
12 cardamom seeds (shelled and pulverized in corner of a clean cloth) [I use 1 tsp.]
½ cup softened shortening [I used butter.]
3 eggs

Beat and add:

5 to 51/2 cup flour, or enough to make a soft dough.

Let rise till double in bulk; knead in 1 cup of citron and 1 cup of golden raisins and let rise again till light. Divide dough in half. Make each half into braids. Put in greased bread tins or make round braids into pie tins. Let rise till light. Bake in moderate oven 350° for 30 to 35 min. Allow to cool.

When cool make a thick butter cream frosting. Frost and decorate with red and/or green candied cherries.


  1. A very delicious tradition! And the green candied cherries are a wonderful decoration!

  2. This looks delicious! I may have a go at making Jule Kaga! :)