Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Tried & Chewed: Bulgogi Tacos with Cucumber Kimchi and Baby Bok Choy

I originally fell in love with bulgogi at a Japanese restaurant in St. Cloud, MN called Pok Sakura. Rodney fell in love with this dish at Kings Korean in Fridely, MN.  If you have never had it, bulgogi is a garlicky meat dish found mostly in Korean restaurants. It is one of those tastes that you crave between restaurant meals. So you can imagine that when we found this Bulgogi Taco recipe if quickly made its way into our Tried & Chewed folder. Of course it is in no way traditional, but it fills the right flavor profile when you are craving bulgogi.

Here is the bulgogi in the pan.

The recipe has a wonderful slaw that goes on top of the bulgogi seasoned ground beef. The taco is fantastic with that slaw, but something happened the last time we went to King’s Korean for bulgogi. One of the great things about King’s is that they bring little sides dishes, called panchan, out with the meal. The last time we were there one of the panchan was Cucumber Kim Chi. We LOVED it; so much so that we went in search of a recipe. I finally found this one. Of course we made some and it is great.

King's Bulgogi. 

King's Cucumber Kim Chi.

Not a great picture, but here is our Cucumber Kim Chi just before it went into the refrigerator.

When we were menu planning this last weekend Rodney had the idea to make the Bulgogi Tacos, but to use the Cucumber Kim Chi instead of the spicy slaw. I thought that was a brilliant idea! So while shopping we picked up the few ingredients we needed to bulgogi and I made it tonight for supper. It came out so good! 

Another not so good pic. Here is the bulgogi and kim chi together.

We also happened upon some baby bok choy while shopping. (We were at one of our new favorite grocery stores, Sun Foods; they have every Mexican and Asian ingredient you can imagine there!) So I made this recipe to go with our tacos. 

Bok Choy being stir fried.

Here is the complete meal. It was so good!

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  1. A great supper!

    Well, even if Chinese and Thai restaurants are quite popular here in Germany, Japanese are harder to find, and Koreans are almost unknown. On the other hand, maybe I should just open my eyes...