Wednesday, April 25, 2012

30 Days of Biking: Day 25

Theme of the Day: Proclaim Liberty

Replica of the Liberty Bell in Morningside Memorial Gardens.
It was another glorious day for riding bike in Minnesota. Rodney and I did not take a long ride, but it was an educational one. Last fall I discovered that the cemetery by our home has a replica of the Liberty Bell (sans crack) displayed in it, so today Rodney and I rode over to Morningside Memorial Gardens to see it.
"Proclaim liberty throughout all the Land unto all the inhabitants thereof." 
I do not know if it is an exact replica. They do not have a plaqueor anything by it and never having seen the real one in person I have nothing to compare it to. For now I am going to just let myself believe that it is fairly exact because I think it adds a bit of sumptin' sumptin' to the neighborhood.

Today's 30 Days of Biking ride = 5.29 miles

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  1. @Thomas I could not find a definition for "a bit of sumptin' sumptin'" for you. In this case think of it as meaning something like "an interesting/unique thing."

  2. How neat! That is a great photo of the bell.

  3. Thanks for your explanation, Ronda, I know well what you mean. There's a famous Liberty Bell in Berlin too: It was once a gift by the United States during the Cold War, and my favourite radio station from Berlin still airs its ringing every Sunday just before noon. A true symbol of freedom and liberty!