Saturday, May 5, 2012

Bike Month: Week 1 Round Up

Don't be silly, of course I have been riding my bike! On May 1st Rodney and I took a jaunt around the neighborhood. Then on May 2nd we rode over to Carol's Restaurant and had supper. On May 3rd we tried out a different route. May 4th it was raining and we did not ride. I made up for that lost ride a bit today by getting in a few miles before going to see my mother to celebrate an early Mother's Day (she has to work next Sunday) and going to my niece's prom's Grand March. 

Kaylie and Steve at the Prom. 

May 1 Ride = 3.1 miles and a Tornado Watch!

View 5/1/2012 6:30 PM in a larger map

May 2 Ride = 8.4 Miles Salad at Carol's

View 5/2/2012 5:18 PM in a larger map

May 3 Ride = 4.6 miles 

View 5/3/2012 6:33 PM in a larger map

May 4 Ride = 0 miles due to rain and a long work day. 

May 5 Ride = 5.8 miles and coffee at Dunn Bros. 

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Total Miles for the week = 21.9

Okay, I did not ride everyday this week, but it was still respectable! See you next week!


  1. Don't worry about this one day missing - as you said, it is absolutely respectable and I envy you your great success of making so many bike rides without any day of pause!

    By the way: What kind of event is the Grand March? Google did not deliver clear results...

  2. I agree. I think it's great that you are continuing your commitment to ride your bike. Prom's been fun seeing all the teenage couples dressed up here as well.

  3. @Thomas I was a bit surprised by the Grand March myself. The one time I went to prom I do not think that we had one. Basically all of the couples were introduced and walked out on the stage for pictures and such. Sadly, my camera refused to focus in the dark lighting, so I did not get many good pictures.

  4. I love your spirit! Also, your niece looks so pretty =D I hope she had a happy prom!!