Sunday, January 23, 2011

Crafting: Norwegian House Slippers Part III & Miscellaneous Crochet

More slippers! I am about slippered out at this point. However, a week or so ago, while I was ill, the only thing I wanted to do was crochet. Reading was too much work and I found I did not have the energy to do much else. So here are the slippers, napkin rings and a ring that I made, or finished, during that week.

The first pair that I finished was this pair of slippers for my niece/God-Daughter #1:

This photo shows how slippers look before I stitch them together.

Here is what they look like once stitched together and before felting. 

This is what they looked like after felting

Another project that I finished was a second pair of slippers for God-Daughter #2. These where made the same way as the ones above, except that I used only one color. 

Then I got it in my head that I could make myself a crocheted ring. The first one I made was way too big but it made a great napkin ring, so I made a second one for Rodney to use. We always use cloth napkins, so it was a very useful project in the end. Now we always know who's napkin is who's. 

This is before felting. 

I did succeed in making a ring. I kind of like it too!

I had planned to be done with slippers, but I had mentioned making a pair for our other niece. I did not want her to go without. I started this pair of slippers on Friday and I finished them this morning. They will not be felted. I quite like the way they turned out.

Now I need to make something for my nephew. He is 5 and lives in Arizona. I am not sure he needs slippers, but I am not sure what else he might like. I am going to have to think on that for a bit!

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  1. Very pretty slippers and napkin rings and a really nice "thumb warmer"!

    I'm curious about what you will make for your nephew. Indeed it is not easy to guess what a 5 years old boy might like...