Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Finally.... Strawberries!!!!

They are very late this year, but I was finally able to go pick strawberries. I took a 3 gallon bucket with me to Bauer Berry Farm and went to town! I ended up with about 8-9 lbs of strawberries. I am going to make some jam this afternoon and a pie for the our early 4th of July celebration on Sunday. (I am going to actually bake it, with two crusts and everything. None of that Fresh Strawberry Pie stuff for me! ~At least this time.~) The rest will be frozen.


  1. ~Thomas~ Here is a link that will explain the term "go to town", in case you have not run into it before.

  2. Ronda, thank you for your translation hint, I have been indeed a bit confused at first...

    What a great farm to get organically grown strawberries! How much time did you need to pick up that amount of berries? Will you return in July for blueberries?

  3. It really did not take very long to pick them, maybe a half hour? I left my house at 7:15ish and I was home by 8:30. I made a couple of other stops too, so it could not have been too long. I would have picked a bit more, but my back does not like me kneeling and bending over to do things.

  4. Congrats on your haul! Strawberry season is pretty much done here in Chicago, and I'm already missing it!