Sunday, October 30, 2011

French Friday's with Dorie: Pumpkin Stuffed With Everything Good

~As a gift to myself, after Christmas of 2010 I bought a copy of Around My French Table by Dorie Greenspan. Shortly thereafter I found the group French Fridays with Dorie. Each week we cook one recipe from the book.~

I have been on a huge pumpkin kick for the last week or so and Pumpkin Stuffed with Everything Good, page 364 of AMFT, really fit into that theme. I knew that I would be passing a farm stand on the on the way back from my mother's on Thursday, so I planned to make it that night, but in the end I actually made this dish on Friday night.  Then I was busy on Saturday and now I am finally getting it on the blog on Sunday. I am going to go with better late than never on this one. 

While I love pumpkin, sadly the DH does not share my joy of pumpkin, except in pie, so he was not thrilled by the idea of this dinner. Doubly sad was that I was not thrilled with the outcome either. I followed the recipe and did not add or exchange anything, but I have to say that it was not my favorite recipe. I used a pie pumpkin, but it I think it needed a sweeter taste to offset the stuffing. I will eat the leftovers and I might try it sometime again with a different type of pumpkin or maybe a sweeter squash, but it is not going into our recipe book as a must make again.


  1. I'm sorry you both didn't care for it, Ronda. There were some in the group that felt the same way. But, it looks really pretty and creamy!

  2. Oh, sorry you didn't care for it. Your stuffing still looks really good!

  3. I'm sorry to read that you were disappointed with the outcome. It looks so tasty, but sometimes the reality is different from what we see... Better luck next time (in case that you will make a second attempt someday)!

  4. lol, this one isnt going in our "must-make-again" list either... but its good to have tried this! :)

  5. Sorry this wasn't a hit for you. A sweet squash would probably give it a little something.
    It looks good, though!