Friday, January 13, 2012

Crafting: Oma Crocheted Slippers

After a Christmas season full of intense crocheting I thought I would lighten my load up a bit and make a pair of Oma Slippers. The pattern is super cute and they seemed easy enough to make.

Compared to the Norwegian House Slippers I made the Oma Slippers are really fast to make. I made a pair in less than four hours, so very quick to make up! However, they are not simpler to make as far as the actual crochet goes.

I found that there was something odd about the instructions. I had to re-crochet several rows. I think that sometimes the instructions mean to use the same stitch that you slipped stitched in the row and sometimes not to. I will have to make a few more pairs to be sure.

Another issue I have with these slippers is something that bugs me but may not bug others: These slippers are made with two strands of yarn with a big hook which makes them very “bumpy” on the bottom of your feet. I find them uncomfortable to stand/walk in.

The last problem is that they will not stay on my feet. I do not think that is a pattern issue, I think it is because I have fairly large feet and the slippers are designed to skim the sides of your feet. I think I could fix that by adding a strap across the top.

I plan to make a pair of these in wool to felt down to fit God-daughter #2. If that works out well I will try to make the pattern larger and do the same for myself, because even with the above issues I think these are cute and that they would be great for when I do not need super warm slippers. 


  1. How warm and comfy!

  2. They are very cute. I wonder if they are bumpy so that you won't skid on the floor easily? Even though - it makes it hard to wear them if they don't feel good on.

  3. I like the color combination, the slippers are very pretty. Well, I'm sorry to read that they are not as comfy as expected... At first, I wondered about the name, but indeed "Oma" has the German meaning of "Grandma" in this context, funny!

  4. Hello I have just stumbled on your blog. :) How about putting felt inside them? Or maybe using felt for the body instead of using crochet at the bottom? I love the slippers though, and would love to make a pair with the bottoms all done in crochet. You've done a lovely job! :)

  5. I couldn't figure the pattern out

  6. I have not made a pair in a long time, but I do remember them as being a bit challenging.