Sunday, January 8, 2012

Tried & Chewed: Cassoulet-Style Sausage ‘N’ Beans

OMD! Tonight for supper I made Rodney and I the Cassoulet-Style Sausage ‘N’ Beans recipe from the French in a Flash column on the Serious Eats website*. It was so freakin’ good that I wish I could spout more than “Je ne parle pas français” from my college French, for I would write a long dribbling love poem in French about it if I could!

Now normally I would not give the label “Tried & Chewed” to a recipe that I have only made once, but this meal was so fabulous that it is going directly to our “Tried & Chewed” folder. Actually, both Rodney and I loved it so much that we have started to contemplate ways to make it even better. So far the ideas we have come up with are: cooking the beans from scratch, canning our own tomatoes and starting a pot of thyme indoors so that we can use fresh thyme next time.

Obsessed? No, I do not think we are obsessed…why do you ask? 

Trust me if I could just send you a bit of the smell you would be won over instantly, and you would be plotting tomato beds too,  but all I can do is give you some pictures. Please do not hold them against this recipe! 

I know that the dish looks a bit muddy, but that is because I used 
red instead of white wine. (I just could not bring myself to buy a 
whole bottle of wine to use 1/3 of a cup when I had red on hand.)

Other than the swapping red for white wine I followed the recipe exactly (well I did use home canned tomatoes too) but I followed it closely enough that it is not an adaptation, so you should wander over to one of the links I have provided for the recipe.

I now want to make a real cassoulet. If this is just something in the “style” of one, the real thing will probably put me in a coma!

*You will also find this recipe on the French Revolution blog run by Kerry Saretsky. She is the author of the French in a Flash column on Serious Eats. 


  1. Wait...I just realized that we could also make our own sausage...

  2. I'm with you on not wanting to buy a whole bottle when you need only 1/3 cup. The cassoulet looks delicious regardless!

  3. A new love was born... Oh, wonderful! Your picture is absolutely tasty, my mouth is already watering.

    I like bean dishes as well, and even if I have never heard of Cassoulet before, I'm very sure that I would like it too. If I will visit Southern France someday, I will have a look for it!

  4. I have not made Cassoulet and have heard so much about it. I am definitely curious now that I have read your post. It sounds so good and I wish we could smell it.

  5. I've never made cassoulet either, but I love beans, and I love sausage... sounds like a winning recipe to me!