Monday, April 2, 2012

30 Days of Biking: Day 2

Lion's Coon Creek Park
Today’s route was much longer and surprisingly enough less tiring. 6.4 miles! I think riding in 3rd made the ride much easier. I have discovered a new issue with Sally though. She has a blow out in one of her tires. Because of that I decided that I will be staying within easy walking distance from my house until I can find a solution. So today I went down the trail to Lion’s Coon Creek Park and then I came back and went down 121st to Foley Boulevard so that I could take the other side of the trail back to the Kumquat entrance. It is a really fun ride that way!

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I am a little worried about Sally. It turns out both tires and brakes are hard to come by for an older bike. I am looking out on the web, but there is not much to find. I can still ride her, at least until that tire completely goes, but I am going to need a new plan soon.

And yes I got a new helmet...


  1. More than twice as far as yesterday, you see endurance is only a question of practice...

    Is it mandatory to use helmets there? In Germany there is no such regulation (and I'm not using a helmet), though I know that it increases one's safety. By the way, your helmet looks good - and you're smiling!

    Have fun with biking and good luck for improving Sally's condition!

  2. You don't have to have a helmet, but it gets you lots of evil looks from parents when they see you riding without one. (Bad example for the kiddies don't you know.) I don't always wear one. I might where this one more because I like it better than actual bike helmets. It is a BMX helmet. Bike helmets look ever so goffy on me!

  3. 6.4 miles - that's terrific! It looks like it was a lovely ride. I'm glad you got a new helmut. Firmly believe one shouldn't ride without. I hope you can find tires for Sally.