Sunday, April 22, 2012

30 Days of Biking: Day 22

Theme of the Day: Happy Earth Day! 

Ursula and Monte* on the Mississippi River. 
Rodney and I finally took our inaugural ride together. I thought that Earth Day was a fitting day for our first ride. We decided to go to Chris & Rob's, which is a hot-dog stand close to our house. It is a slightly unpleasant ride down Foley to East River Road to get there directly. The worse part is that the sidewalks/bike lanes keep changing, so it is confusing. Stronger riders would just stay on the road.
Our first stop of the day: Chris & Rob's.

We each had a chili cheese dog and we split an order of onion rings. 

Rodney enjoying his lunch.

Me in my yellow jacket getting ready to ride. 
Lunch was tasty, perhaps a bit heavy for a ride, but good. The onion rings where surprisingly good. (I have a thing for onion rings!) The chili cheese dogs where fine. I like a bit more spice to my chili and more bite to my onion, but that is just me.

After lunch we set off home via the Mississippi River Regional Trail and the Coon Rapids Dam Regional Park.
Cute statue we rode past.
Rodney crossing a trail bridge.

Mississippi River facing south on south side of 610 bridge.

610 bridge over Mississippi River facing north. 

Under the 610 bridge.
It was a bit cool and it always looked like rain, but it was a great 16.3 mile ride. It was a record for Rodney and a decent ride for me. I don't know where we will go next week, but I am sure it will be fun!

Today's 30 Days of Biking Ride = 16.3 Miles

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*I have begun calling Rodney's bike "Monte". He does not feel a bike needs a name. Nevertheless, I plan to keep calling it that!


  1. I'm so glad that you and Rodney got to ride together! It's always fun when you can stop and get a bite to eat.

  2. I think next time we might take a picnic with us.

  3. I think that I have never tried (or even heard of) onion rings... Well, next year I will surely do so! It is wonderful that you have made your first bike ride together with Rodney - and I enjoyed all your pictures, great! By the way, your yellow jacket is a good idea for being clearly seen by car drivers, so it makes crossing the roads a bit less dangerous.

  4. @ Thomas Rodney and I will now have to work on finding you the best onion rings to try. We like the ones at Phycho Suzi's a lot.