Saturday, April 28, 2012

30 Days of Biking: Day 28

Theme of the Day: Just me and the Ducks

It was cold and rainy on my bike ride today. I only saw one other person while out riding. I did see plenty of ducks though! They seemed to be having a jolly good day; all happy and quacking and such. I also saw a flock of Goldfinches. They were really cool, but sadly I have no picture.

This "seeing cool things, but not getting a picture of it" thing happens all the time. I cannot stop, turn the camera on, aim and take the shot before the animal moves. It really makes me sad. That is why I am thinking that I might want a Hatcam and a remote for my camera. Okay, they are a bit goofy looking and I don't know if it would work with my helmet, but I would at least catch a few more pictures.

Anyway, my new goal it to reach 250 miles by the 30th. Which means I will need to ride about 9.5 miles both days to make it. I might have to work 10 hours on Monday, so it looks like I will need to get in a lot of miles tomorrow.

Today's 30 Day of Biking ride = 5.29 miles

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  1. That picture made the ride in cold and rainy weather worth it, I'd say. Lovely. Good luck with your new goal!

  2. I'm currently making the same experience during my holiday trip: So hard to get pictures of sheep, oystercatchers, rabbits,... Well, flowers are so much easier to catch!

  3. Yes, flowers do tend to hold still!