Sunday, April 29, 2012

30 Days of Biking: Day 29

Theme of the Day: Hmmm...I wonder where I am...

Railroad bridge north of Bunker Lake Road. My main point of confusion.
I did not want to come home from my ride today. It was very nice out. Yes, it was a bit cool. I think it was in the high 40's, but the sun was wonderful and the wind was not too bad. I did end up again at a point where I was quite unsure where I was. I would not say I was lost, because I knew how to get home by reversing my route, but I was not really sure where the path I needed to follow was. There were all sorts of trails around the bridge above, but it was really hard to tell which one was the one I wanted. I think it is a bit odd that they do not mark them in some way. The photo below shows the graffiti under the bridge.

Probably some good advice. 

I rode over past the construction on Main Street again. It is starting to look like a road, but there are still some major holes that will need to be filled in. It is hard to say if it is getting better or worse. Because of the construction at one point I had to ride on the road without a sidewalk or a bike lane. It was a bit scary. Cars were coming way too close to me. I probably should have ridden more in the center of the lane. That would have forced them to pass me like a car. (Though it was a double yellow, so they should not have been passing at all.)

Dirt and gravel as far as the eye can see on Main St. 
Tomorrow is day 30 of 30 Days of Biking. I am kinda sad that the month is coming to an end. I will need to ride about 4 miles to make it to 250 miles for the month. I have faith that I will succeed!

Today's 30 Days of Biking ride = 14.71 miles

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  1. Good luck for tomorrow's 4 miles and especially good weather conditions! By the way, what does the "RNR" on the graffiti mean?

  2. From that angle it does look like RNR, but it is really RIVR for "river". So it says, "I'll sit and watch the river flow."

  3. What a great feeling...enjoying the ride that you don't want to stop.

  4. It sounds like it was a perfect ride - it certainly looks like it was perfect outside. Sometimes it's nice to just let your instinct take over to help you choose the trail to follow.