Thursday, April 18, 2013

30 Days of Biking 2013: Day 18

Spring is yearning

In the deep and blustery morn
Crows scratch for gifted corn
Squirrels scatter across the ground
Hoping there are nuts to be found

As winds gather from the west
Cottontails hide in their nests
Spring is hidden at this time
Yearning to come into its prime

I slid out the door early this morning for my bike ride. It was 34 degrees and knew it was only going to get colder. I figured I better get while the gettin' was good. It was a bit of an eerie ride too. It felt like a frozen moment in time. Everything knew that a storm was coming and it was both strangely quiet and busy at the same time. At one point I rode past a brace of ducks and they all flew straight at me and over my head. I think I could have grabbed one if I had been so inclined. It was a bit disconcerting. The octave above is my attempt to capture the feeling of the morning. 

Now as I look out the window, a few hours later, it is snowing big hard flakes that sound like rain. And, of course, there is a squirrel eating the bird food. 

I am very glad I went for a ride when I did. I was not able to use GPS again today, but I went a “regular route” of 3.14 miles. The map below is from Day 10, but it is the same path that I took today.

Miles Today: 3.14
Total Miles: 58.93


  1. Such a pretty poem. I think you captured the moment nicely - it is always such a eerie feeling right before a storm.

  2. Even if it might be sometimes a bit difficult to understand the beauty of a poem written in another language than the own one, I really like your octave and I can feel how it reflects your hankering for spring.