Wednesday, April 17, 2013

30 Days of Biking 2013: Day 17

I usually wait until the warmest part of the day for my ride, but today, because of the weather forecast, I went out a few hours earlier, just in case it decided to rain. Sadly, this meant I did not run into the people I usually see on my ride. So, I missed the little old man with and umbrella that I always say hello to. Bummer.

I took a bit of a strange route today. Normally I map my rides with my myTracks app, but today I could not get a good GPS signal. This meant that I would have to manually map it on  Google Maps. It also meant I had to 1) remember my route until I got home and 2) stay on trails that Google Maps recognizes as passable.  

When I got done mapping, I was quite please to see that I actually got in 7.9 miles! Which means that I have broken the 50 mile mark for this month!

I also just realized that I am only 29.21 miles behind on my goal of 150 miles this month. (At 5 miles/day I should be at 85 miles now.)  With a bit of luck and some cooperation from Mother Nature I just might make my goal yet!

Along Sand Creek Trail.

I call this Bone-Rattler Trail. It is a terribly bumpy ride.
On the map it is the section of the ride the loops down
towards Northdale Blvd in the Lions Coon Creek Park. 

Small creek that cuts through the Bone-Rattler Trail. 

Culverts that under Xeon Blvd.
Sand Creek is really rushing to the Mississippi right now!
(Well to Coon Creek and then the Mississippi.)

Miles Today: 7.9
Total Miles: 55.79


  1. I hope the weather will improve so that you will be able to make up for the lost miles!

    Are the two men in yellow jackets (on Xeon Blvd.) traffic policemen?

  2. LOL! I thought they looked like people too! In reality they are just strategically placed street signs.

    1. Unbelievable, you are right: After a second or third look I can identify them as signs, too.

  3. I'll say it again - I think it is so remarkable that you have been able to get so many miles in this month with the weather that you have had. Congratulations! I feel the same about the people we see daily on our walks . Sometimes we go for our walk a little early or a little later and I hate that we miss the people we see on our 'regular' walk days.