Friday, April 19, 2013

30 Days of Biking 2013: Day 19

Good Lordy! There be tons of snow! Tons! Look at what I woke up to:

The round thing is our fire-pit and the rectangle is an improvised
bird feeder, both where snow free yesterday morning. 
In the end we got about 8 inches of snow yesterday afternoon! 8 inches! In April! At least I can say I lived through a record setting day!

I was not at all surprise to find that I wasn't able to ride on the trails today. For all of the entrances looked like this:
The trail entrance from Kumquat to the first bridge. 
I think I would need much stronger legs and a mountain bike to get through there! Still, I did get in a nice 2.98 mile ride. The wind was bit strong, so I stayed closer to home, but it was sunny and I saw some fun stuff like this:

Look at that Snowman!! He is huge!

 One slightly un-fun thing about my ride is that all the trees looked like this:

Which is beautiful, I admit, but what do you think happens when the wind hits that? Now what do you think happens to the bicyclist under the tree? See what I mean?

Miles Today: 2.98
Total Miles: 61.91


  1. That is a ton of snow! Great job for keeping up with the biking!

  2. I cannot believe that you actually were able to go on a ride with all that snow! Gorgeous photos, Ronda.

  3. If it were January I would say: "What a wonderful snow landscape"... At least, the funny and huge snowman was a nice compensation for being annoyed by the snow-covered tree!

    I'm really impressed how firm you are with your daily bike rides, no matter how much snow has fallen. Great!

  4. 8 inches!!!! It is beautiful though...

  5. Wow! Wonderful snowman! Greetings,ulla