Tuesday, April 23, 2013

30 Days of Biking 2013: Day 23

How frustrating. I looked at my biking stats for last year and I am feeling very depressed. I rode 255.43 miles for 30 Days of Biking last year! 255.43! I had a goal of 300 miles for this year. I realize that last year was much nicer weather-wise, but really? Though, I suppose, I did not wake up to this on April 23 last year:

This as mostly melted now, but we had a good
2-3 inches of snow overnight. 

So, I am just going to soldier on as best I can. I will keep putting in as many miles as I can each day and we will see where it takes me. I went 7.09 miles today. I am now only 31.06 miles from my new 120 mile goal.

Miles Today: 7.09
Total Miles: 88.94


  1. No, do not feel depressed at all! I really marvel at your performance: The weather is so wintery, thus you can be definitely proud of making your bike rides - day by day, no matter how cold it is or how much snow has fallen over night. Great!

  2. Don't compare to last year, Ronda. The weather has been so different and you can hardly go out to ride when there is so much snow everywhere. I am just so impressed that you have gotten out as much as you have!