Monday, April 22, 2013

30 Days of Biking 2013: Day 22

Hawthorne sitting on a rock and pics of some of my herbs that are
sprouting in my herb bed.

Happy Earth Day! Oh, I had great plans for my Earth Day Ride. I was going to put in 22 miles and go eat lunch at Cafe Organica (the cafeteria at the Aveda plant in Blaine~it is open to the public), from there I was going to go to the Big Dipper for ice cream and then a  ride through Bunker Hills. But no. Maybe next year!

But look! I do have some signs of spring! I have mint, tarragon, horseradish(?) and I think a flower growing in my herb garden. Sadly, they are probably going to be covered in yet more snow tonight, but then we are expecting this:

Oh! Do you see? Do you see those 60’s coming? I can’t say how exciting it is! Okay, first we have today’s and Wednesday’s snow to deal with (to which I say BLECH), but after that I think SPRING is coming to Minnesota!!!

My new goal for the month is 120 miles. I feel it is very unlikely that I will make it to 150 at this point. The weather will be getting nicer next week, but I will not have as much time to ride. I would only need 38.15 miles to make that goal and I would still be pushing myself. So new goal set. 

Miles Today: 4.55
Total Miles: 81.85


  1. Oh, good news, temperatures in the 60s - finally! Just survive Tuesday and Wednesday, and then Minnesota will be irrevocably on the way to spring. The herbs in your garden are the best indicator!

  2. Happy spring! Hawthorne looks so happy. :)