Tuesday, April 30, 2013

30 Days of Biking 2013: Day 30

Awww... it is over. I had so much fun doing my 30 Days of Biking! Last year I rode more miles, but I did not ride everyday. This year I rode everyday, but I rode fewer miles. Most of the month I rode in rain and snow and wind and cold, but the last few days of blessed sun made all the difference. My goal was met and life was good. Today I rode an easy-peasy 6.75 miles and I am psyching myself up for May and National Bike Month!

Now, something you didn't know, I also did 30 Days of Yoga this last month. Some of the days were very short sessions and some longer, but I did do yoga everyday. I feel much more balanced too. I have been having issues balancing on my left foot, but now I am doing better. I will continue with the yoga in May along with a bit of weight training.

Miles Today: 6.75
Total Miles: 158.19


  1. Impressive that you did both biking and yoga! Kudos!

  2. Oh, despite the bad weather it was a great month for you! You saw many interesting things during your bike rides, you took a lot of wonderful pictures, and practicing yoga helped you to feel better. Go on in May!

  3. It feels so fantastic when you meet your goals. Yoga and biking - Yay! Congratulations, Ronda.