Monday, April 29, 2013

30 Days of Biking 2013: Day 29

At 151.44 miles, I have reached my goal of 150 miles for the month!
(Ignoring the fact that last year I set a goal of 300 miles for this year. I don't know why I did not look back before I set this year's goal.

That means that tomorrow's ride will just be gravy. I can cruise along without a care in the world. I can loop through neighborhoods and circle around dogs. I can just have a jolly old time.  Hee Hee!!

10.3 Miles

I took this one picture today. I don't know why,
I guess I just thought it was an interesting tree.
 Oddly, I think it is shaped a bit like my map for the day...
Miles Today: 10.3
Total Miles: 151.44

1 comment:

  1. Something remarkable must happened to the tree when it was younger... What might this have been?
    You have reached your goal, so enjoy Day 30! I wish you a wonderful last biking day of this month!