Saturday, May 18, 2013

National Bike Month: Day 18

It was a turtle-ishous sort of day! I was riding along the trail and I saw this little guy first:

He/she is a little Snapping Turtle. It was just bigger
than a quarter and a bit smaller than a fifty cent piece. 

I picked him up with my jacket, I have no idea
if they bite at this size, and moved him off the trail. 
Since he was right in the path for walking/biking I moved him off the trail and into the grass. I actually had to stand over him to keep him from getting hit by a second bicyclist. He was only about 4 feet from the creek when I set him down. Good deed done, I set off down the trail. A few blocks away I saw this:

A large mud turtle! I would say just smaller than a
manhole cover. 18 inches maybe?
I keep my distance from this turtle. I don't think it needed any help. Though, I also did not want to draw too much attention to it. I did not want it to get hurt. I think this the largest mud turtle that I have ever seen. (As a side note: the largest Snapper I have ever seen was about three feet across and I got out of its way!)

12.01 Miles

Miles Today: 12.01
Total Miles 2013: 367.5
Total Miles National Bike Month: 210.31
Total Miles for National Bike Challenge: 210.31
Days in a row: 48


  1. When I was a little boy, I wanted to have a turtle as a pet, but my parents did not agree... I look forward to meeting some wild living turtles in Minnesota this summer (though I have apprehended now that's better not to come too close to them).

  2. I haven't seen a turtle in the longest time. So glad that you got it to safety.