Monday, May 27, 2013

National Bike Month: Day 27

Happy Memorial Day! 

I hope everybody is having a great Memorial Day. I took a nice ride today up to the Veterans Memorial in Bunker Hills Regional Park. Along the way I rode across the floating wood bridge trail. I find it freaky to ride on, but I was the only one on it today so it was okay. I then stopped for a short yoga session along the trail. The maps at Bunker Hill do not mark the Veterans Memorial, so I had to search for it a bit. When I got closer to it there where signs pointing to it, so that was helpful. I did not mean to ride past the tank, but it turns out the trail I set out on just went in a loop around it! 

Miles Today: 9.5
Total Miles 2013: 450
Total Miles National Bike Month: 288.91
Total Miles for National Bike Challenge: 288.91
Days in a row: 57


  1. I have wondered a few times whether the name "Bunker Hills" is associated with the word "bunker" in the sense of dugouts or pillboxes ("Bunker" exists also in German language)... Well, the existence of a tank is a hint to this interpretation, but I'm not sure why bunkers should have been built there - or maybe they are replicas?

  2. Perfect way to celebrate the holiday. That floating wood bridge looks scary, but interesting!