Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Today's Accomplishments

1. Made Chicken Stock.
2. Made Turkey Stock.
3. Made Pumpkin Puree.
4. Made Roasted Pumpkin Seeds.
5. Picked Creeping Charlie and added it to my herbal salve. Now I can call it "Three Weeds Salve"!
6. Made soup. (It was OK, but I will not make it again. I did change the recipe a bit, but not so much that I need to try again!)
7. Washed A LOT of dishes.
8. Laid out in the sun for about an hour.
9. Walked to the grocery store. Twice.

And I think that was plenty!


  1. Indeed, a very busy day (except for point 8, of course...)!

  2. Sunshine is very important for a person. Besides soon it will be too cold to be out. I must take what I can!