Sunday, January 2, 2011

Cookbooks: New and Old

In the last week or so I have had two new, or at least new to me, cookbooks come into my life. The first my mother gave me at Christmas. It is the copy of “The American Woman’s Cookbook” (tagged AWC) by Ruth Berolzheimer that my Great Grandmother gave to my Grandma Alice. I have always heard it referred to as the blue cookbook. The second is “ Around My French Table” (tagged AMFT) by Dorie Greenspan, which Rodney and I picked up as a present to ourselves.

Over the last few years Rodney and I have been trying to eat more real food and to cook as much as we can from scratch. We have been doing fairly well in this pursuit, but there is always room for improvement. These cookbooks will really help us to try new recipes and learn new techniques. I plan to post the recipes I try here, but I will be treating each cookbook differently.

“The American Woman’s Cookbook” can be read in its entirety at Archive.Org.  So when I post a recipe from it I will most likely include the recipe and the page number you can find it on. I was going to do a similar thing with “Around My French Table”, but then I found the site French Fridays With Dorie. Each week subscribers cook a dish from “Around My French Table” and write a post about it for their blogs. You know I had to sign up! One of the things that they ask is that you not post the recipe. So I will not be posting recipes from the book even if I make one that is not the chosen recipe for that week. I will post the page number though. 

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  1. I think these two books will be a great source of many tasty adventures for you! Have fun!