Sunday, January 2, 2011

Menuism Review: Dino's in Coon Rapids

I have been a member of Menuism for a year or so now. For awhile I was not reviewing, but I have started to again. You will find a link to my reviews along the side of the blog.

My newest review is for Dino’s, a Greek fast food restaurant with a location here in Coon Rapids. See what a tasty looking meal we had:  

Rodney and I split the Zucchini bites. Rodney also had a gyro, but it is not in the picture. If you look closely you will see the end of a pepperoncini that Rodney had fished from my salad and eaten in the Zucchini Bites. I promise it did not come that way!

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  1. Yum, I like gyro! There is a greek restaurant where I go to sometimes when I'm cycling. Oh, I'm already looking forward to the next summer...