Thursday, February 3, 2011

No Recipe Required: Scrambled Egg Sandwich

I have noticed that over the last few years I have become very dependent on recipes. This is strange because I used to cook dinner several nights a week before I left for college. (My mother worked second shift.) I would come home from school and go to the freezer and decide what we were having. (I grew up on a dairy farm we always had chicken, beef and pork in the freezer.)

Now I pour over cookbooks and recipe sites looking for the right recipe. What happened? Well, of course, my palate changed, but I think the way we eat in general has changed. We are exposed to so many different cuisines now. How could I recreate them with out a recipe? I also think that it is because I now cook for two people and not just for myself. I want each meal to come out tasty and for some reason I do not trust myself to just cook.

I do cook some things for the two of us without recipes. I make meat loaf, French Toast, pork chops with mushrooms and boiled potatoes, and the like. Still I would like to get back to cooking without a needing a recipe close at hand. I want to cook by instinct and by what happens to in the cupboard.

Now, I often do this for lunch; but, then again, I usually eat lunch alone (and thus no one to experiment on but myself). Today, for example, I made myself a scrambled egg sandwich. It is the same scrambled egg sandwich I have been eating since I was a child: scrambled eggs on toast with ketchup. I am not sure that this is exactly what I am going for with the “no recipe required” idea, but I did not need to look at any book to make it!

As a side note: as far as I am concerned this must be served on toast.
It also has to be cut into triangles, or woe unto the person who cut it wrong!


  1. OMG. My father used to make the same kind of sandwich for me, but he added lettuce and mayo as well as ketchup. Ah, memories...

  2. What a tasty memory of your childhood (and cut in the right way)!