Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Pop Tarts in the Air!

Yesterday, I had the great idea to make some Homemade Pop Tarts. I went online for a recipe and I found a great one on Smitten Kitchen. So I went to bed planning to make them today. Then this morning I looked at my Google Reader and I saw that both October Farm and Yummy Chunklet had posts about making Homemade Pop Tarts! There must be a Pop Tart meme in the air!

I followed the recipe at Smitten Kitchen almost to the letter. I used the whole wheat variation. The only issue I had was with rolling them out. I ended up with eight instead of nine tarts. I used my homemade rhubarb jam as a filling. Rodney wanted frosting so I used this frosting with some added vanilla extract (homemade of course). They are very tasty. I think I will make these again, but make them a savory tart. Rodney had the idea to fill them with cheese and salami. That should be tasty!

Cooling on a wire rack.

A closeup unfrosted.

Frosted yumminess. 

A cross-section. 


  1. How funny! The version that I read before (and skipped over) was from Smitten Kitchen! However, I'd definitely use her recipe if I liked to eat pop tarts and wanted to make the homemade crust. Yours turned out so pretty! I love the decorating sugar sprinkles!

  2. I "StumbledUpon" this post quite a while ago … saved it in my recipes cache … but haven't made them yet.

  3. Going to bed with the plan of making such delicious Pop Tarts has let you sleep surely very well...