Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Tutorial: Vietnamese-Style Coffee

It was really cold when I got up this morning: -11° with wind-chills of around -25°! I decided that it would be a great day for a cup of Vietnamese-style coffee. It is very sweet, rich and creamy, just the way to start a cold day. 

1. Boil some water. 

2. Gather supples: 

(According to a blog post I read at Heavy Table the favored coffee for this is Café du Monde brand. 
I drove all the way to New Orleans for this can, but you can probably find it at your nearest Asian grocery. 
I have not found the decaffeinated kind outside of NOLA though.)

3. Add coffee to phin:

(I am betting that you could make this in a French press or a regular coffee pot. 
I think you would need to make it fairly strong though.)

4. Pour water into phin and let steep:

 5. Add sweetened condensed milk:

(I should have added the milk first, but I forgot.)

6. Stir:

7. Add a bit more water:

(Okay, normally you wouldn't do this, but it was so cold in my house that the coffee was cold when I went to drink it. 
Also it was really strong, so I needed to dilute it a bit.)

Here are some other tutorials on how to make Vietnamese coffee:


  1. Yum! Coffee with sweetened condensed milk...delicious!

  2. A very interesting way of brewing coffee, I haven't heard of it before - and in the glass cup you can see the progress of the brewing procedure...

    Oh, like almost always, I have to recall that -11° are measured in Fahrenheit there, not Celsius. So, it is indeed a very cold day!

  3. That looks just about right. This is also wonderful served over ice cubes. I hope you have a wonderful day. Blessings...Mary

  4. I actually prefer it over ice, but is way too cold in Minnesota right now to be contemplating iced drinks. :)

  5. I love Cafe Du Monde coffee too! Hmmmm thanks for sharing!