Friday, April 15, 2011

French Friday's with Dorie: Vanilla Éclairs

~After Christmas I bought Around My French Table by Dorie Greenspan. Shortly thereafter I found the group French Fridays with Dorie. Each week we cook one recipe from the book.~

This weeks' French Friday's dish was éclairs. Now I love me some éclair, but due to a need to limit sugar and white flour intake in our home I did not make them this week. I have made éclairs in the past and I am sure that Dorie's version would have been superb but I could see no way to avoid the white flour and sugar! 


  1. Good for you! Stay strong to your diet commitment!

  2. Yes, Rodney's blood sugar numbers are improving and we have both lost a few pounds, so we are feeling quite committed at the moment.

  3. So glad to hear about Rodney and congrats to both of you for losing some pounds! With all the baking that I have been doing lately, it sure wouldn't hurt for me to lay off the white flour and sugar for awhile.

  4. I have not tried éclairs yet, but I looked at pictures of them in the internet. Oh yes, there seems to be indeed much sugar with them...