Tuesday, April 10, 2012

30 Days of Biking: Day 10

Theme of the Day: No Stopping!

It was a short, cold and windy ride today, but there was one interesting thing: I rode the whole route without stopping the bike. I did not have to get off and walk up any hills and I managed to make it across road by only slowing down. (Mind you, you are supposed to stop at a few of the intersections, but there was no traffic. I would have stopped if any cars had been around.) I was actually quite pleased with myself. It makes me feel more confident for when I do need to handle traffic and bigger hills!

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  1. I see you like the Woodview Park and the Sand Creek Trail... A nice ride in the morning (even if it was windy and cold)! It's wonderful to read how you enjoy your daily bike ride!

    Are there any special bike lanes when driving on the main roads or do you have to compete with the cars?

  2. It depends on the road. Some have really nice side lanes, but some have no lanes at all. In the city of Minneapolis they have some special markings.

    Though you should check out the Nice Ride site. You might want to use it when you visit.

  3. Interesting, so many different lane markings... The Nice Ride is a great idea for short time bike rental, good luck for this project!