Wednesday, April 11, 2012

30 Days of Biking: Day 11

Theme of the Day: Watch out for large vehicles!
Coon Creek.
Today’s 30 Days of Biking route ended up being the route I should have taken on Easter Sunday. I did it backwards today, but if I had just gone down Hanson on Sunday I would have been a happier camper. I went 10.21 miles today and I would have gone further but nature called and I needed to get home.

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The theme for the day is a bit misleading. I was at only one point in any danger. (It was at a crosswalk where I had a green light and a pedestrian walk signal. A van turned in front of me, but I saw him in time. I possibly said a few foul things to the back of the van....)

There are actually two trucks on the trail. I waited for
them to finish cutting a  limb down before I passed. 
The other two occurrences happened on the trail itself. First, I came upon a couple of trucks cutting broken limbs along the trail. Second, I found the tank that is in Bunker Hills Regional Park by the Veteran’s Memorial. Yes, a tank. Rodney had just read about the tank the other day, so I knew it was in the park somewhere. I just happened to see the sign for the Veteran's Memorial today, so I swung past to take a look. It was quite moving actually. (Not the tank part. I don't find weapons to be a cause for sentimentality.)

WWII Veteran's Memorial
WWII Veteran's Memorial-from the inside.


That sign reads: Warning Please Stay Off Tank
Really? What child is going to stay off the tank?
Info on the tank. I think you can read it if you enlarge the photo. 


  1. It sounds like today made up for no stopping yesterday. ;) The picture of Coon Creek is very pretty. Glad you had an adventurous ride today!

  2. We had quite a rainy afternoon yesterday, so I envy your magnificent cloudless blue sky! What a pity that you had to follow the nature's call... Better luck for today's bike ride!

    By the way, I do not like tanks either. Though it is an impressive War Memorial in the Bunker Hills Park.