Thursday, April 12, 2012

30 Days of Biking: Day 12

Theme of the Day: An Exploratory Mission 

It was a great day for a ride today! Sadly there is no map for my 8 and a half mile ride, for Google Maps, My Tracks and I are not getting along. Happily, I was able to get Google Maps to let me make a map showing where I went on my exploratory mission. 

This is another route I could have taken home on my Easter ride. I had come out on the corner of Avocet and Main St on Easter. Now I know that I could have gone down Main to Crane. You can see on the map, and even better on satellite view, that it is not a huge jump from the end of Drake St to Crane St. I had to find out if I could make it through or not. 

I came at it from the opposite direction today. When I got to the right point I found a trail head type of crossing that was chained shut with downed trees pulled to block the sides. (I wish I had taken a picture!) It was very strange. I was able to maneuver Ursula through, but it was obvious that someone did not want that happening. You actually come out on what looks like a parking lot, but it is labeled a street.

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You can also see on the map how Main St NW seems to end. If you look at a larger version on the map you will see that it starts again several blocks down. The road construction is so intense that Google Maps removed it from the map!

Main St construction facing east.

Main St construction facing west.
The construction photo facing east was taken as I crossed Crane. I then took the shortest way through Bunker Hills Regional Park to take the west facing photo on Foley Blvd. The construction continues east from there too, but you can still cross on Foley.

This is the sign you see just after crossing Foley.
So my mission was a success and I made it through Bunker Hills without getting lost! It was a good day. The last thing I noticed today? That my nails are the same color as Ursula!


  1. The violets are pretty and are such a pop of color against the green. How cute that your nails match Ursula. :)

  2. I like this trip because of all things purple involved!

  3. With the same colors its definitely clear that you and Ursula have become very good friends! Is the "Home of 10,000 bikes" an allusion of Minnesota's nickname "Land of 10,000 Lakes"?