Wednesday, April 4, 2012

30 Days of Biking: Day 4

Theme for the Day: Happy Anniversary to Me!

Yesterday I left you with a cliff hanger: Would I or wouldn't I be able to continue 30 Days of Biking? Well I told my bike woes to Rodney and his solution was to get me a new bike! (Sally is quite unfix-able at the moment see note at bottom.) It is a Trek Pure and she is sweet! And she is purple! (I love purple. My first bike was purple with a flowered banana seat and streamers on the handle bars.) Man there is nothing like a new bike to make you feel like a kid again!

The Pure is designed to be ultra comfortable to ride. You can sit upright on the seat and your feet can touch the ground when you are stopped. It is so so cool! And, just in case you think that I am getting all the fun, later this month we will be getting Rodney a Pure too. They are our anniversary gifts to ourselves. (We do not currently have a bike rack, so we could only get one at a time.) 

Now, of course, my new bike needs a name and I have been racking my head. Several names have drifted through, but one name keeps coming back to me: Ursula. So here she is:

Ursula and me.
I did take her for a spin last night, but just a short one. Today was the real test. I set out for Bunker Hills Regional Park just after lunch. Rodney and I have walked there before, but I never tried to ride Sally up there. There are a lot of hills and without a front brake I did not want to risk it. Ursula, however, handled it all with style. Her rider had some issues with the steeper hills, but Ursula sailed along the trails. It was the most fun!

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Since I used My Tracks today, the map shows me going through Woodview Park.

Today I also had to conquer one of my fears. I hate board bridges. They scare me to bits. I did not know
that there was one in Bunker Hills. I took it slow, I drove some other riders a bit crazy, but I made it over!

If you look at that yellow sign it is telling you to use caution  going down the  hill on a bike.
Gosh it was fun!

These pine trees smelled wonderful. 

In the end I rode 9.63 miles. I used the My Tracks app on my cell phone to map it today. So, I have some precise numbers. I had a max speed of 17.48 mph and an average speed of 8.96 mph. My max speed was from going down hill. I am sure my real average speed while pedaling was actually 8ish mph or maybe a bit less.

Hmmmm....I wonder where I will go tomorrow?

Note: Because Sally is so old parts are not easy to find. I have to hope they show up on eBay. At this point I am still hoping to fix Sally, but if all else fails I am going to see if I can donate her. If that fails then I will recycle her metal components. 


  1. I'm so happy that your woe is over. Now you have a modern and comfortable bike (as well as Rodney soon) and you made a great ride today with really wonderful pictures from the Bunker Hills.

    First and foremost you are smiling again! I wish you and Ursula many, many exciting experiences together, you have found a new friend. I'm already looking forward to your next travel report...

  2. What a great gift! You look so happy!

  3. How very wonderful of Rodney! You do look so happy! Ursula looks like a great bike. All she needs now is a basket. Have fun and Happy Anniversary!