Sunday, April 28, 2013

30 Days of Biking 2013: Day 28

Well, guess what?! I am at 141.24 miles! I think I am going to make 150 miles! What a difference a couple of nice sunny days make. Today, after two rides, I put in 24.13 miles. My first ride was windy and adventuresome. My second ride was shorter, but it ended with a lovely rainbow. 

Ride 1 ~  15.88 Miles

Ride 2 ~ 8.25 Miles

Here is a little video of my ride down my favorite trail:

Rainbow at the end of the ride!
Miles Today: 24.13
Total Miles: 141.24


  1. Wow, what a positive impact of the sun - now you will definitely reach your 150 miles target. I enjoyed taking part in your bike ride on your beloved Coon Creek Trail (at least for two minutes) - and the rainbow at the end was a really deserved prize for your performance!

  2. Biking in the sunshine makes all the difference.