Wednesday, April 3, 2013

30 Days of Biking 2013: Day 3

Today’s bike ride for 30 Days of Biking could be subtitled, “What the hell was I thinking?!”  

First, let me back up. For the day started out pretty good. Rodney had an interview in Downtown Minneapolis this morning and I went down with him. While he interviewed I waited for him at a coffee shop and had a lovely tea. Then we had lunch at Key’s and went to the Macy’s Flower Show. (We had tried to go to the flower show last week, but the lines were just too long.) There were so many beautiful flowers, but most of my pictures did not turn out.

How I wish I could see daffodils while riding!
Shortly after we came home I went for my bike ride. It was about 46 degrees and I figured it wasn't going to get any warmer. Today I finally came up with a way to keep my head warm while riding. I put the hood up on my jacket, tightened it and put my helmet on over it. I looked like a total dufus, but at least my ears were warm!

I followed what I call the “regular route” and it was really nice. It is 5km or 3.1 miles and it has some very lovely spots along it. 

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Looking right over what I call the Second Bridge.

Looking left over the Second Bridge. (If you enlarge it you will see a couple of ducks.)

All was going well. Until…

Until Woodlview Park that is.

Now, I walked past Woodlview Park about a month ago and I noticed that it hadn't been plowed. This should have been a clue. But, no.

Today I rode up to the entrance and it still hadn't been plowed, but it looked like once you got past the first bit it would be clear. So what did I do? I forged ahead of course. Should I have done that? Umm…well… that would be a no.

There was snow and melting water everywhere. I don’t know why I did not turn around but I kept going. Possibly at this point I was a dufus. I kept seeing parts of the trail that were clear and thinking that if I just made it to that spot all would be well. I almost fell trying to ride, so I had to push Ursula through snow, water, mud and slush. I was soaking wet by the time I worked  my way through the park. Ugh.

Rodney has been following my route everyday, just not at the same time. I suppose I should tell him not to go that way, huh?

Total miles today: 3.1

Total miles this month: 5.7


  1. I know the problem how difficult it can be to decide that it would be better to turn around... No matter if I'm on the way on foot, by bike or by car (the latter is yet the easiest). So, do not worry, we are all sometimes a bit like a "dufus"...

  2. And your day started out so lovely! Your photo of the daffodils is pretty and I bet it was so much fun seeing all the flowers in bloom. I am so sorry about your ride today. I think all of us get a little stubborn when we venture out and think we can make it, but too late, we find out we can't. Thomas is right - we all do that from time to time. Tomorrow will be a better ride day!