Thursday, April 4, 2013

30 Days of Biking 2013: Day 4

The view off of what I call Bridge 1 or the Kumquat Bridge. 

Today I did a lovely modified “regular route” for 30 Days ofBiking. Three and a half miles in the lovely, if still a bit chilly, forty eight degree weather. All of those snowbanks are melting away.

Mind you, it is great that things are melting; I just wish they weren't ending up on me! Because you know that as you ride water splashes up from the back tire. Ursula is getting quite dirty and well so is my back and bottom. It is a bit embarrassing. I guess it is time to go fender shopping. It is either that or nylon pants! 

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  1. I hope it gets warmer and drier for your bike rides soon!

  2. I'm glad it's getting a little warmer for you.

  3. Well, a fender would be very helpful... By the way, is it usual there that "normal" street bikes are sold without fenders?

  4. It does seem that there are many bikes without fenders. What is great about this one is that I can take it off easily when I don't need it. I want to put a rack on the back at some point, that would probably take care of the issue too. I want to get this basket for Ursula: I love that you can take it off the bike and it has a handle. Great for picnics, shopping, etc.

    1. Oh, that basket looks really great - and it's versatile: Use it if you want, take it off if not needed. I think it's worth its price!