Saturday, April 6, 2013

30 Days of Biking 2013: Day 6

Mother Nature is not being helpful with my 30 Days of Biking. Now it is raining and yesterday it snowed for a bit. So, today’s ride was a bit cold and wet. My ride was the same as Monday again

The day had another small bother. Because it was raining I thought I would put my new bike fender on Ursula. It turns out that it will not fit. A small bright spot is that I think it will work on Rodney’s bike. That does not keep water off my back, however.

But wait! I did find a solution for really cold bike rides. Look at this helmet:

Yes! Yes, it is a helmet! It might be a bit of overkill at the moment, but it would keep your head warm. 

Miles Today: 1.3
Total Miles:  11.8


  1. I assume this helmet is suitable even for very cold winters!

  2. What's nice about that one is that it will keep your neck warm and dry.