Sunday, April 7, 2013

30 Days of Biking 2013: Day 7

The Second Bridge. 

You should sing the following in tune with the Subway jingle:

Five. Five Mile. Five Mile Bike-Ride.
Did-it. Did-it!

Yes, that's right; I was able to get in a 5.12 mile ride today. At first I was afraid that the weather would be much worse, but when I went for a ride at 2:30ish it was about 50 degrees out. A bit of sun, not a ton, but it was still very nice. And others must have thought so too because the trail was super busy.

Here is today's route:

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I found that if I circle back to the trail and if I double circle up to Foley I can get an easy 5 miles without being too far from home. On a really nice day I don't mind being further away, but on a cool-ish day or one where I'm not feeling great, knowing that I can get home quickly if I want makes me happy.

Miles Today: 5.12
Total Miles: 16.92


  1. I'm glad to see that the snow is melting more and more there. I hope the temperatures will be rising to the 60 and 70s soon - and then you will surely be able to make even longer bike rides. But, of course, on such cool days 5 miles are really great!

    We had about the same temperatures yesterday here, but I was too lazy for biking. Instead I enjoyed sitting in the sun on my balcony...

  2. Sadly, today it will be a high in the upper 40's and tomorrow and Wednesday they are predicting the mid-30's! No 60's in sight at the moment.

  3. I admire you for your determination to get out there a ride. Great job!