Friday, May 10, 2013

National Bike Month: Day 10


Not much to say about my ride today. I needed to have biked 96.77 miles by today to be on course for 300 miles this month. Right now I am 11.8 miles above that goal. It feels good to be ahead!

Miles Today: 15.43
Total Miles 2013: 265.76
Total Miles National Bike Month: 108.57
Total Miles for NationalBike Challenge: 108.57
Days in a row: 40

UPDATE: Oh My Gosh! I am number 20 on the leaderboard for the National Bike Challenge!


  1. Ok... That is the Minnesota Leaderboard, not the National. Still, I think I am doing pretty darn good!

  2. Yes, you're are really good! By the way, at first I was wondering about your icon as showed on the screenshot above: It looked a bit like a TV test pattern (those colorful pictures that were transmitted in the night 30 years ago when there was no 24/7 program yet). But then I found the true meaning in your profile on the website of the National Bike Challenge...

    It's a great success that the "Marriage Equality" bill was approved by the House with 75-59 votes, now let's hope that the Senate will do the same next week!