Sunday, May 12, 2013

National Bike Month: Day 12

This is why there is a road by my home called Egret Boulevard. 

The plan for today's bike ride was that I would ride Ursula to Jerry's Schwinn and leave her to be repaired. (There was also a planned stop to return a library book.) Then once I was fairly close to Jerry’s I would call Rodney and he would meet me and drive me home. 

This plan worked out fairly well and gave me the following map. I purposely took a circuitous route to add miles to my ride. It was another cool day with strong winds at times, but I powered through.

14.47 Miles
Crooked Lake Branch of the Anoka County Library.
What I thought was my final destination: Jerry's Schwinn. 
Here is where my plans changed. It turns out that Ursula only needed to have her chain lubed. I did not need to leave her at the shop! Woot! So, from the shop Rodney and I went to Dino's for lunch and from there I started my second bike ride.

Falafel Sandwich and Tabouli form Dino's.
After that I was back on the road. Below is my map for my ride home. I was so bummed when I realized I only needed another half mile to be at 300 miles this year! I will be saving that for tomorrow!

10.83 Miles

Miles Today: 25.3
Total Miles 2013: 299.56
Total Miles National Bike Month: 142.37
Total Miles for National Bike Challenge: 142.37
National Bike Challenge Local Position: 13th  (out of 386 riders.)
      ~ I am in 2rd place for women riders in Minnesota!*~
National Bike Challenge National Position: 828th (out of 17490 riders)
      ~I am in 106th place for women Nationally.*~
Days in a row: 42

*This number will change as people enter mileage. It is my position at the time I entered my miles for the day. 

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  1. What an impressive bike ride today! Well, I was a bit surprised to read that Jerry's is open even on Sundays... That would be completely impossible here in Germany!

    I haven't heard of Tabouli yet, but I found it in the Internet. Oh, that dish sounds interesting (and your lunch looks really yummy).

    Go for the 1st place in Minnesota!