Wednesday, May 22, 2013

National Bike Month: Day 22

It was only in the 40s when I got up this morning. After our warm spell it feels especially cold. I took a short sweet ride again today. Tomorrow I feel a long lilac-filled ride coming on...

Only 2 Miles today and no GPS. 
Also, somewhere along the line my totals became wonky. Below are the corrected totals. (Happily the numbers went up!)

Miles Today: 2
Total Miles 2013: 391.34
Total Miles National Bike Month: 230.25
Total Miles for National Bike Challenge: 230.25
Days in a row: 52

1 comment:

  1. At least you rode a bit along your beloved Sand Creek... I hope so much that you will be able to enjoy a Lilacs-In-May filled ride today, I'll keep my fingers crossed for you!