Sunday, June 2, 2013

Summer Biking: Week 1 - And the biking continues.

National Bike Month may be over, but I am still riding my bike. The National Bike Challenge is still going strong and I still need to meet my goal of 1500 miles by October 31. Instead of logging miles on the blog everyday, however, I am only going to post an update of my rides on Sundays. I will only update a single day’s ride if something extremely interesting happens.

I will continue to take photos of interesting sights, but I am also going to have a theme each week. This Sunday, since it only covers two days, I chose religious buildings as a theme. I knew that even in just two days I could manage to pass several. I say “religious buildings” instead of “churches” because I have two Buddhist buildings and a Chapel to include and they do not technically fall under the “church” category.

From left to right starting at the upper left we have: 

Chùa Thièn Àn – This appears to be a Vietnamese Buddhist Youth Organization
Minnesota Meditation Center – They do not have a website for this location. Here is a link to the main body.
Hmong Alliance Church – They do not seem to have a website for this location. Here is a link for the main church body.  This might be because their building at this location is for sale. I was quite sad to see this, because this church is quite close to us and has always been a very good neighbor.

I haven't decided what I will take pictures of next week. I suspect there will be several more weeks of churches to come, though probably not for next week. It might be slides, tennis courts, funky mail boxes or gas stations. We will just have to see.

6-1 is in red and 6-2 is in black. 29.22 miles. 

Miles This Week:  29.44
Total Miles June:  29.44
Total Miles 2013: 497.04
Total Miles/Points for National Bike Challenge: 335.95/993
Miles Needed for 1500 Mile Goal:  1002.96
Days in a row of biking: 63

Days in a row of yoga: 63


  1. Great job! nice pictures. You are a great inspiration

  2. Oh, what a wonderful collection of impressions and what a great research you did in finding the websites. I visited all of them, and my favorite is the United Methodist Church which "... extends a special welcome to those who are single, married, divorced, gay, filthy rich, dirt poor, yo no habla Ingles." I guess not all churches would choose words like these...

    I'm looking forward to reading your next week's blog theme!

  3. This is a perfect place to record your goals and achievements. Congratulations on your 63 straight days of biking and yoga!