Saturday, June 1, 2013

The Summer of Juice!

Today was the first day of The Summer of Juice!  No, I am not going to only consume juice for the next three months, but I am going to focus on juice, smoothies and raw veggies for many of my meals and snacks.  All of the biking that I have been doing has been building muscles and helping me to lose a few inches, but I have not been losing any weight.  I am hoping that by emphasizing fresh produce I will both be healthier and drop a pound or two. Of course, summer is also the perfect time for smoothies, juice and salads!  

I have all the appliances that one might want for the task too.  For my smoothie making we have a NutriBullet. (Okay, it is not a VitaMix, but it makes really good smoothies considering it is less than 1/4th the cost of a VitaMix.) For juice making we have an Omega 8400, which is a fabulous juicer.  

Today I had two smoothies (or what the NutriBullet people would call “Nutri-Blasts” - I will be calling them smoothies). The first had chard, strawberries, yogurt, banana, chia seeds and coconut water. It was quite tasty. My second smoothie had dino kale, mixed berries, raw cashews, goji berries, chia seeds, kava and water. It was not quite as tasty as my morning smoothie.

I have been using the NutriBullet since December and today I learned something new while making that less successful smoothie. I did not blend it enough at first and one frozen strawberry was still whole.  So I put the blade back on and re-blended it.  The longer time in the NutriBullet made all of the components perfectly smooth.  In the past I have had many a smoothie with bits of nuts still in them, now I know that I need to let the NutriBullet run longer until everything looks smooth not just mixed.

Any way, I am not going to chronicle my smoothies every day, but this gives an idea of what I will be making. When I make special smoothies, or if I make an interesting juice, I will post them.  Mmm…  I think tomorrow I will be making Watermelon Juice! 


  1. Those two devices are good kitchen equipment, and it was interesting for me to look at the companies' websites (as I never had a juicer or a blender at home).

    Oh, I also became acquainted with some new vocabulary (and food): Chia, goji and kava - they were all completely unknown to me before.

  2. You are an inspiration. Smoothies sound like a really good and healthy way to start each day.