Sunday, June 9, 2013

Summer Biking: Week 2

Oh what a pitiful riding week I have had. I expected my rides to be shorter since I was working, but the cool wet weather has not helped at all either. I only succeeded in 31.1 miles this week. Oh well, there is always next week. I did break 500 miles this week though! Yay me!!

Since I did not ride very far on Monday, I was a bit limited on subjects to take pictures of this week. All I came across that seemed interesting was a For Sale sign. I though I might see something else on Tuesday, but I did not. So I decided to go with For Sale signs. In the end I sort of like how the collage turned out. Sadly, some of the pictures are very blurry and I was not able to pull all of the data off them. Thus I was not able to link to their websites.  I will be a bit more careful taking pictures next week

Bridge Realty - This is the realator for the Hmong Church I had a picture of last week. 
Vandeveer Realty – I find it odd that this guy has a Wikipedia entry.
 – Larry & Mary Lauer
– Duane & Larysa Matzek
Real Estate Properties –
ReMaxx Results – Jerry Clifford
Grace Realty – This one needs a much better web presence.  Though, I would use them before the creepy guy with a Wikipedia entry.
– Wm (Bill) Haroldson

Side note:  mapping is not working the way I had intended. If I can get it to work I will update this post with a map.

Miles This Week:  31.1
Total Miles June:  60.54
Total Miles 2013: 528.14
Total Miles/Points for National Bike Challenge: 367.05/1164
Miles Needed for 1500 Mile Goal:  971.86
Days in a row of biking: 70

Days in a row of yoga: 70

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  1. You made again a lot of Internet research... By the way, such "For Sale" signs are nearly unknown here in Germany (but this does not mean that houses wouldn't be sold here as well). I'm a bit surprised that almost all of them have the same construction plan: Two rectangular wooden beams with the sign attached to the horizontal beam - I've found only two exceptions in your collage...